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Any idea why the lectionary leaves out such a big chunk of Luke - 11:14 - 12:12 ????

Jenee Woodard

That's a great question and one that folks have analyzed over and over. I've read a number of analyses of the "agenda" of the lectionary - which of course it has - like all of us. I do know that what we ended up for in the RCL is a compilation of readings that were, at one time, the SUNDAY readings, so were seen as the culmination points of a week of reading during daily and festival readings. That accounts for some of the gaps. Also, there are some stories that are included one year of the three year cycle, and skipped the other years, so unique material from a particular gospel can be read. But, also, it's interesting to consider what passages/verses are omitted.

Jordan 3 fire red

Good job.No matter where we are, we must study all the way. As the proverb says that: A person is never too old to learn. Thank you for your blog.

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